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It is time to give your club, staff, or event something different. Something that will make an impact and change their lives. My reputation as an inspiring speaker is well earned, and I have ample experience presenting at health and fitness events, as well leading education courses. I am proud and happy to provide you with the following services:

Speaking engagements in the topics of:

Health and Fitness:

  • The misunderstanding of weight loss and fitness.
  • Well intentioned health fallacies.
  • Strategies to overcome health obstacles.
  • Recognizing and embracing they critical -but neglected- components of a fit and healthy life.

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Health and Fitness for Scuba Diving

  • The importance of fitness in scuba diving.
  • Implementing efficient fitness programs for the scuba diver.
  • The unique fitness needs of the scuba diver.
  • The biggest mistakes in Scuba Diving fitness training.

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Pain Management and Therapy

  • Well intentioned blunders.
  • The overlooked obvious factors perpetuating pain.
  • Self-inflicted but well meaning pain perpetuation.
  • Simple and effective Self-Care strategies.

Workshops in the topics of:

  • Kettlebell Lifting – Individuals, clubs, and instructor certification.
  • Olympic Weight Lifting – For competition or sports performance
  • Biomechanics – Understanding structure to accommodate the specific mechanical demands of individual differences.

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Affiliate Programs For Scuba Diving Fitness.

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Coach Izzy