My Works

Writing always gets me in trouble. It is not because my works are full of explicit, shocking language or graphics. Far from it! I get in trouble because I:

  • Speak my mind.
  • Question the validity of the accepted norms.
  • Expose the flaws of the what is accepted as the quotidian normalcy.
  • Make the reader reflect and think.

My objective is to invite you, the reader, to a journey of self-sufficiency. I tell you what others fear telling you because  I am free from attachments biasing my message. I also tell you what you may fear to hear because excessive political correctness has created a shield that spares your feelings but stunts your intellectual growth.

The truth, as is, can be difficult to face. The mere and simplistic act of presenting it brings emotional reactions, many of which are perceived as personally offensive.

I give you my word that is never my intention. But at the same time, I know there’s nothing I can do if the presence of the truth shocks and offends those who have been hiding from it. I do my best to ensure that despite the shock, or because of it, that you, the reader, will realize the futility of hiding. I do my best to ensure you confront and defeat your demons, and in doing so, earn your health and fitness freedom.

Now that we know this, you can choose the area of my works that best apply to you:

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness For the Scuba Diver


Coach Izzy