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My works are considered controversial -and somewhat heretic- to the health and fitness field because they challenge what we have accepted. And they do not accomplish this through shocking language or scientific breakthrough revelations. Their power comes in stripping the excessive noise off fitness topics and integrating them to the big picture. In doing so, they take the reader to a journey of discovery, and the uncomfortable realization that much of what we have followed with the best intentions, lacks validation.

Here they are. Happy reading!

Weight Loss: Help, Motivation, And Ultimate Truths You Ought To Know

As one of the most respected strength and fitness professionals, Coach Izzy creates controversy yet again as he questions the popular health and fitness norms and the prevalent attitudes when it comes to weight loss. He reveals how they are responsible for the poor success rate of most weight loss programs and how these thwarted approaches are deceivingly disguised to the point they become widely accepted.

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Weight Loss: The Mindset To Crush The Frustrating Barriers For Good

Remember when you thought you had it all figured out? You planned your exercise, your food, and were more determined than ever to make it. Alas, after three months, excitement was replaced by despair, frustration usurped the place of motivation, and more confusion thwarted yet another promise.The feeling was unfortunately all too familiar as it was not the first time it had ever happened. What is it that you keep doing wrong? Why is no program effective? Why do results evade you?

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Lower Back Pain: How I Eliminated 35 Years of Back Pain in 3 Weeks

How is it possible for just one therapist to figure out what is causing a seemingly hopeless pain for 35 years, address it, and eliminate it in only 3 weeks?

The events in this book are based on one of the true cases in the practice of Israel Coach Izzy Sanchez, a renowned strength coach and pain therapist. He looked past the symptoms others thought were the cause and in doing so, helped this patient regain an active and pain-free life.

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