Lower Back Pain: How I Eliminated 35 Years of Back Pain in 3 Weeks

When I started my path in the pain therapy field, I never imagined it would be as conflicted and self-contradicting as the world of health and fitness. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I am used to dealing with the blunders abundant in the understanding of the application of exercise. I thought the field of pain therapy would be more unified.

Not so.

The approaches to pain therapy are diverse which in itself is a tremendous advantage. However, most pain therapy practitioners make the mistake of focusing only on their approach and judge based only on their standards. Time and time again I’m surprised at how simple and evident mechanisms and relationships are overlooked. Time and time again many who thought their cases were hopeless are at first elated when their problems are finally finding resolution, then upset as they wonder why my findings were overlooked by others.

This is one of those cases. Many related to the story, found relief, and asked me to make the case available to more people so they too can be aware and connect with the right therapists.

I’m sure you are wondering why in the world a strength and conditioning coach would be involved in an area usually left to other professionals.  It may help you to know that pain therapy and strength and conditioning are one continuum, not separate dimensions. Many folks who start an exercise program get their progress compromised by ever present chronic conditions that just won’t go away. Others who are recovering from painful conditions need close supervision to return to activity and immediate treatment should their discomfort flare up. That’s where I come in. It might help you to know I have an excellent relationship with the medical community in my area.

I ventured into the field of pain therapy after years of injuries and chronic pains that were getting worse. Nobody seemed to help and only treated my symptoms. It wasn’t until I met those who eventually became my teachers that my pains got resolved and my life changed for the better. I vowed then and there to learn as much as possible to help others find the relief they did not think was possible. Here is just one small example.  Enjoy!

Coach Izzy - Author