This book is currently discontinued as it's being rewritten

Weight Loss: The Mindset To Crush The Frustrating Barriers For Good

Every year, millions embark on exercise and fitness programs with a dismaying failure rate of 88% in three months, to nearly 99% within one year. If exercise and diet were the key components, as we are led to believe, their impact live beyond a couple of months.

Far too many people throw their attention to the latest hullabaloo on the exercise floor, or some bizarre form of calorie deprivation, and completely ignore that the true, and undeniable, component to permanent success is the mindset.

And mindset is far more than mechanically repeating "Yes I can."

Mindset is an exercise of recognition and humility. It is a self-inventory of what is available to start the journey of permanent results, what is missing, how to maximize what’s at hand, and how to acquire what’s not there.

Even when the science of brain plasticity is demonstrating the tangible and measurable effects of the mindset in our lives, many still see it as something separate of the physical act of burning calories to lose weight – What nonsense! What’s worse, they classify it as something abstruse, easily achieved in a couple of minutes.

Not true! Just like physical skills, mindset requires practice for proficiency.

It is the aim of this book to guide you to the possibilities within your grasp and simplify your journey. You can even start implementing one of the most powerful tools to help you reshape your life immediately. The Victory Journal templates are available for immediate download.

Mindset is far more than hollow reassurances and ho-hum approaches. It is a tough journey for which most people lack the will, and it is the reason this book follows Weight Loss: Help, Motivation, And Ultimate Truths You Ought To Know. If you did not have the visceral fortitude to take the truths it presented, chances are you may not see how addressing the mindset is important.

It is my commitment to make this fitness journey one in which you’ll not only embrace the changes, but also enjoy the rewards of measurable, lasting changes coming from any program on which you decide to embark. Here are the tools that will empower you to get there!

Coach Izzy - Author

This book is currently discontinued as it's being rewritten