This book is currently discontinued as it's being rewritten

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Fit and Healthy Diver Manifesto

There are many books out there with excellent fitness programs for divers. Some of my works address that specific area and you are more than welcome to check them out. Question is, with so many excellent programs available, why is it that you have not had permanent success? Why is it that program after program are not giving you the results for all your efforts?

Any diver can be fit and healthy and any program can help you get there, yet the success rate is dismal at best. My experience shows me that no matter how well designed a program may be, it becomes an empty promise in unprepared hands.

And that, my fellow diver, is what I address in this book. If you have been trying to get fit without results, it is time to find out why.

Also, if you are taking your first steps into fitness, this is what you should know to prevent wrenching heartbreaks. It is time to get your head in the right place before you undertake another program and ensure you no longer stumble in the same roadblocks.

Will this message help?
I can say with confidence, yes, it will! I love witnessing those who earn their health and fitness freedom by facing the hard truth and discover they were their own saboteurs.

Will it offend?
It has created harsh reactions in the past and it will continue doing so. My experience has shown me those who dismiss it as angry drivel seem to forget it is called a “manifesto” for a specific reason. They are more preoccupied with looking for non-existing shortcuts rather than having to face the arduous task of thinking on their own.

That’s fine, only a small number is ready for this message and the responsibility it demands. Then again, it is only very few who enjoy great health and lasting results. I am not holding back when I present them in their guttural truth. Being fit involves a lot more than exercise and diet, and it is my belief that divers should be among the fittest people on the planet.

I wish you a productive and satisfying health and fitness journey.

Coach Izzy - Author

This book is currently discontinued as it's being rewritten