This book is currently discontinued as it's being rewritten

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Missing Component Extortion, Bribes and Shysters Cannot Get You

Diet and exercise are -contrary to what everyone believes- not the key components to effective and lasting health and fitness results. Yet they receive the most attention and unjustly steal the show.

Yes, they are important. As a health and fitness professional, I recognize their crucial role in the spectrum. But I also recognize they are only a small part of the continuum, not the foundation we believe they are.

So, what is the key component that ensures health and fitness goals are achieved and long lasting?

It is the mindset!

And mindset is far more than mechanically repeating “Yes I can.” Mindset is an exercise of recognition and humility. It is a self-inventory of what is available to start the journey of permanent results, what is missing, how to maximize what’s at hand, and how to acquire what’s not there.

It is the aim of this book to guide you to the possibilities within your grasp and simplify your journey. You will see how the answers to some of your most pressing dilemmas were always within you, and how nothing is possible without first taking care of what’s inside.

You can start with the simple and powerful exercises of your Fit And Healthy Diver Victory Journal. Follow the instructions inside the book to access the templates.

Mindset is far more than hollow reassurances and ho-hum approaches. It is a demanding journey for which most people lack the will, and it is the reason this book follows Scuba Diving Fitness: The Fit And Healthy Diver Manifesto. If you did not have the visceral fortitude to take the truths it presented, chances are you may not see how addressing the mindset is important.

It is my mission to make your diver fitness journey one in which you’ll not only embrace the changes, but also enjoy the rewards of measurable, lasting changes coming from any program on which you choose to embark. Here are the tools that will empower you to get there!

Coach Izzy - Author

This book is currently discontinued as it's being rewritten