Hey, there, my dear reader. I remember when I started this blog, how I hoped to add lots and keep in touch with you as to my upcoming works.

I started with great excitement spilling out my feelings about the mindset approach to fitness. I went on for a couple more articles and stopped. I looked at my notepad, blank for ideas.

I looked at the articles I published. They were provocative and good but felt out of place. I tried to add but I just could not muster the inspiration needed to add more to what I’d built. The articles on health and fitness looked good, why would I stall?

That’s when I realized a profound truth. I already have a health and fitness blog! Why would I need to add another one? This blog is one for me as an author!

I consulted with other fellow authors and followed their blogs. The more I learned, the more I realized the extent of my mistake. My blog did not need to be about health and fitness topics per se, but rather, about the author aspect of my life, about what inspires to write, about what irks me and pours stern words.

After a couple of years as an author, I have gained more insight into the magical world of publishing and gained more readers. Never in my wildest dreams I imagined I’d have readers around the world and I’d receive thank you letters from Japan and Australia.

These are the type of things that make happy and keep me writing.

Yes, I realized I made a mistake by trying to clone my health and fitness blog but it’s never too late to correct mistakes. I have removed the articles I previously published here and moved them to their appropriate territory in my health and fitness blog. The past couple of years have been rich with experience as a writer and now that I have direction, I’ll be able to share it all with you.

In essence, no better time than the present to start over. Then again, anytime is always a great time to start over. As long as we have the will to let go and start from scratch again, there’s never a bad time to start again.

I want to tell you the events most people consider trivial but I observe and drive me to my sketch pad and trace notes for an article or upcoming book. I want to share what I’ve observed and how I’m using my observations to get more inspiration and new insight. I want to share all I learned, so you too can have answers.

And I also want to remind you this page is for you. Everything I’ve written so far has been because you’ve asked. You had questions and wanted answers but could not find them on mainstream and came to me, suggesting I should put them together. Your suggestions have guided me well and I have yet to go wrong by listening to your voice. Please don’t be shy and remember that it is your voice—more than any other factor—that makes my writing possible. I could not do it without your guidance.

So, what do you say we start over?

I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll see you through the pages.